Dining in Geneva

Geneva has a well-earned reputation as a gourmet town. The cuisine is strongly influenced by France and Italy, and here the most discriminating visitors will find restaurants to delight the taste buds. Here you can also enjoy local fish delicacies from Lake Geneva such as “filet de perches” and “filet de féras” as well as traditional Swiss dishes such as cheese fondue and raclette, ideally accompanied by some of the local Geneva wines.

L’Opéra Bouffe
Trendy bistro with a relaxed atmosphere and international food. Wine bottles are piled from floor to ceiling, and background classical music provides a soothing atmosphere. Dishes between 25-30 CHF.

Restaurant Le Lyrique
Luxurious Geneva atmosphere with fine dishes and a feel for culture, next to the Grand Théâtre, in the middle of the music district. On the gilded walls are hung portraits of music maestros such as Verdi and Strauss. Dishes between 20 and 50 CHF.

Brasserie Lipp
A lively place – reminds you of Paris, and serves wonderful bouillabaisse. Dishes between 30-40 CHF.
Address: rue de la Confederation 8

Relais de L’Entrecote
Here they specialise in tender entrecôte in a renowned sauce whose ingredients are a closely-guarded secret. 35 CHF.
Address: Rue du Rhone 49

La Favola
Smart and intimate restaurant in the heart of the Old Town, serving Italian food. Dishes around 70 CHF.
Address: 15, rue Jean Calvin

Domaine de Châteauvieux
French cuisine at its best, in a really fine setting. Dishes from 86 CHF.
Address: chemin de Chateauvieux 16, Peney-Dessus, Satigny

Café Huissoud
Bistro with the best cheese fondue in town.

La Perle du Lac
Elegant restaurant with splendid terrace and excellent fish. Dishes between 25 and 80 CHF.
Address: rue de Lausanne 126

In the centre of town, with Japanese food prepared before your eyes, and chefs who amuse you by juggling with their knives. Entertaining, and exquisite food. Dishes around 30 CHF.

La Clémence
Charming and trendy café with a magnificent summertime terrace, a natural meeting place in the middle of the Old Town.
Address: Place du Bourg-de-Four

Demi-lune Café
Always full of people, cool décor and yuppie clientèle.
Address: 3, rue Etienne-Dumont

Popular with the younger set in the heart of the Old Town.